Homemade Spray Solution that will Improve Sleep Quality

People who suffer from chronic sleeplessness or insomnia will be delighted to know that there are natural solutions to eliminate their sleep problem altogether. Essential oils play a crucial role in improving the quality and duration if your sleep. Getting adequate amounts of sleep will restore body equilibrium and will stimulate important bodily functions too.

This homemade sleeping rub that we are about to provide you guarantees soothing and calming effects to the body, mind, and spirit.

What you need:

  • Vetiver Essential Oil

This essential oil calms the body and the mind, thus resulting in overall quality sleep. It boasts soothing properties that deliver calmness and tranquility whilst effectively reducing stress levels too. This essential oil is best for dealing with chronic insomnia.

  • Magnesium Essential Oil

Magnesium is an excellent, all-natural sleeping aid. It dramatically reduces the production of cortisol, thus promoting better sleep quality patterns. Magnesium features up to 300 enzymatic reactions that includes the production of energy distributed to cells and neurotransmitters in the brain.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is undeniably the most popular essential oil that induces quality sleep among insomniacs. Diffused lavender calms the nerves, relaxes the muscles, and uplifts the spirits too. When inhaled a few minutes before sleep, lavender oil can induce deep sleep.

What to do

  • Combine magnesium oil, lavender oil, and vetiver essential oils. Just 8 to 10 drops of each of these essential oils are more than enough for one evening.
  • Place them in a spray bottle and shake well.
  • The spray preparation can be used for up to 40 applications.
  • Spray the essential oil mix onto the soles of your feet for faster absorption.
  • VisitĀ SUPPLEMENT CLUE website for more.
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These Top 3 Foods Can Help You If You Have High Blood Pressure

I listen to my dad talk about his medical problems. He has diabetes now in his later years, but he seems to talk most about his blood pressure problems. I asked him the other day if he still gets to enjoy a beer every once in awhile. His answer to me was that he does every so often, but he sometimes has to stop because he starts to feel bad thanks to high blood pressure problems. It makes you stop and think about what you might need to do ahead of time to prevent this from happening to you.

My sister and her partner certainly did something about it by taking on a vegan diet (thanksĀ Do Coop for the tips). I didn’t really think they would last, but they have been following a vegan diet for months now. Of course, neither of them like to cook. If you’re going to start eating foods that lower blood pressure and help keep you healthy in other ways, you’re going to have to cook. Three of the top foods that can help you if you have high blood pressure are blueberries, avocados and prunes. You can literally make an entire grocery list using the rest of the foods that can help you with blood pressure issues.

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Some Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

I am more than familiar with all kinds of hairstyles. I even read a lot of articles about them from time to time. It seems that these days, people seem to make some bad hair mistakes. I have read that in the case of a young lady, apparently there are mistakes that can make them look older because some of the techniques and styles are dated.

The over-layered big hair of yesteryear is one of them. This was the popular retro due that took nearly a can to two cans of hair spray to keep up. All that hairspray usually made it stiff and unmovable, which drains life and youth from its appearance. Some are also overly teased, which results in similar issues.

Ballerina buns are another one that is still used today but can make some people look older. Since every bit of hair is pulled into a tight bun, there is nothing to frame the face. If the bun is not proportional to your head, it can also make your hair appear thinner and your face appear wider.

Hairstyles with the ends curled underneath can also age a person. This is because they widen at the base of the face, dragging everything down. The bottom half of the face is also usually where older faces start to fill out.

According to what I’ve read, there are many other hair mistakes that can make you look older. However, they think these are some of the worst. I personally think that it depends more on the person and how they wear it, but it’s all fascinating nonetheless.